Most of these were written during a long period when I had just broken up with Andrew, someone I loved very deeply. I was terribly lonely, wanting the comfort of a long-term relationship, yet so frightened of settling for less... These are personal and honest poems. My heart is naked in these poems.

Poems for Ken

Ken was a good friend and he and I had a short "affair" for a couple weeks before he returned to school. Neither of us wanted to actually fall in love. But one can't control such things. :) Our parting was sweet. I still think of him by and by.

9pm Full Jerry
"Once I saw the moon rise. And it needed a name. So I named it Jerry."

A Poem for Ken on the Beach (A Metaphore for Love)
Fear of falling. Fear of drowning. Fear of love.
Or the danger of no fear at all.

About Ken, and about a beach stone I took that day.
I still have the stone. It's very round much like the moon.
It needed a name, so I named it Jerry, after the moon. :)

Friday Wish
Our last day together.

Poems for Purple

Purple was someone I met obliquely through my friend Jerome.

An Apology For Purple
We were just not in the same place in our lives...Sometimes timing is everything...

Poems for Soundboy

Soundboy was someone I knew at work.

A Poem For Soundboy
Differences are a wider chasm than space, sometimes.

Misc. Poems of Love and Longing

Random ramblings


Beach Metaphore
Yeah, like you don't know what this is about. :)

aka Digitalis -- this flower is poisonous.

To My Best Friend, After a Fight

I had never had a friend I cared for so deeply. I never had a fight with a friend that tore me so apart...

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