Original Kiki book -- reading a letter
Personal adventures

These are mostly adventures that I have sent out to my friends as mass mailings.

How To Destroy The Universe Part 2 -- according to Kiki -- New!!
Deerhide tanning class I took part I
Deerhide tanning class I took part
I got to drive a forklift!
SRL did a big show at our workshop!

Kiki's diary email list -- New!!
Keep updated on Kiki's recent adventures.
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Fictional stories

These are stories that I have written for fun.

A rather spooky dream I had that was so clear,
I could remember it clearly for weeks.


These are poems I have written.

Carolina Dream
There's Something In My Salad
Poems of love and longing

Words of wisdom -- New!!

Truisms that I live by.

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