Carolina Dream

I dreamed this morning I woke back in North Carolina...

It was early morning in the stillness before waking
The sky was pregnant with the new sun not yet born.
There's a chill in the air as cold as leaving warm covers
Shivering, I find the briskness lifts my spirit.

A patch of fog, like a spider's web, is draped over the meadow grasses
        which lay across the valley like cloth on my Mother's lap
The distant mountains are blue as the heavy dew is lifting.

Dark pines, robed and holy, spread their arms in blessing.
Grasses soaked in dew cradle a warm hollow where a rabbit slept.
Daisies heads bowed in a row, narrowing my path.
After a few steps, my shoes are dew-drenched and cold.
A luminous spider's web flutters in the wake of Morning Doves
        flushed into flight at the soft footfalls.

The light sweetness of a cricket chirping
        hangs still in the air with the scent of elderberry flowers
The gentle tauble-tauble of a hidden brook and the call of tree frogs
        are woven lightly with this song
And the quiet caw of crows is carried swift with drifting clouds
        which stretch like a painbrush swath.
Their shifting forms scripting a poem in calligraphy across the sky
        familiar, yet unreadable, like Latin words sung in choir.

Suddenly, the sky opens out like trembling blue morning glories
        and the new morning sun is born across the wispering valley.

    -- by Kiki, Jan. 28, 1997