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Some places I like to go...
Here's some links to some of my favorite places:

Anime links -- unofficial Ghibli web page
This is the place to go for information about all of Studio Ghibli's wonderful films, including "Kiki's Delivery Service," where I get my nickname from.

Burning Man links

Burning Man
This has been the single most inspirational art event of my life.  I came back from Burning Man 1998 with project ideas coming out of my ears!  And those projects became even bigger than perhaps I could handle! :)  I don't think I would've ever been able to reach so far to the limit of my abilities.  Truly, an event which made me better, stronger and live life more fully!

And here is an example of one of those projects. :)

Color Space
This is another project I'm currently working on.
I have no page for it yet, but here's my description for the Wheel of Time:

Red, Green and Blue are the primary colors of light.  From these lights, virtually all the colors of the spectrum can be made.  If RGB are considered axes in a "space" then each color may be translated to a position in space.
Color Space is a translation from color into a 3D spacial world.  Whatever is within the space changes color depending on which direction it faces, and where it is located.  Even shadows will have different colors.  Folks can explore this space firsthand, using geometric shapes, or even their own bodies.
It will be in Center Camp at Burning Man this year!
Drawing [38k] Smaller version [20k]

Possible Selves Conglomerate
This is a project my best friend Steph is working on.  It is a funeral procession for all the people that we were not...  It will be to let those selves go to rest in peace.
This is Steph's project for Burning Man this year.

Personal list of items to bring
A check list for me for what not to forget -- updated as I think of stuff!

There is currently a big order going on for electroluminescent wire.  This was used to make the bicycle-horse at Burning Man last year, among other amazing pieces of artwork.  It's a thin line of glowing wire, like minature neon.

Another EL-Wire site by my friend Joel Wylan.

Tic-Toc Town
This is the group I camped with in 1999 at Burning Man.  Great bunch of folks!

This is our town that will be returning every year. This year, our project is the Crystal Palace, conceived by Steph, mentioned above who built the Possible Selves Conglomerate.

Ryon Gesink's F@#$% Machine
One of the coolest vehicles ever!

Tolerance Links

Ontario Consultants of Religious Tolerance
One of my all-time favorite sites on the InterNet.
I can spend hours reading this site!!!

Gay activities in animals
I just can't help it!  This book sounds terribly interesting!

I don't believe in everything they teach [who does of any church?]
but I find them so beautiful and they bring me such spiritual meaning
that I spend all my holidays with them.

Misc links

A list of neon bookmarks I've collected -- lots of great info!

News of the Weird
What can I say?  This has been around on the Net for years!

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