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West Coast Custom Designs LLC -- Cheap GTO wire
West Coast Custom Designs LLC -- their transformers are a great price!
I was very happy dealing with these people! I bought 100' of GTO wire for $20!
They mostly sell to wholsalers, but are happy to sell to hobbists too! Great folks!
["GTO" means "Gas Tube Only" -- high voltage wire for luminous tubes [ie neon, argon, etc.] only.]

Tech 22, The Neon Power Company
They make "inverted transformers" -- they get the high voltage by increasing the frequency [as opposed to "core and coil" transformers that up the voltage, but the frequency stays 60Hz like out of your wall outlet.]

They also make a "beading transformer" -- a transformer that causes the light to make "beads" like a string of pearls in the tube. [The beads are more like small blobs -- not true perfect spheres.]
The transformer has an adjuster on it too so you can change the speed and direction of the flow of the beads [or make them stop altogether!] Neat!
These transformers work best with pure gas -- straight neon or straight argon [*no mercury* -- mercury has it's own frequency response, which interferes with the argon's response, so the beads are too broken up.]

They make "scripters" -- a transformer that causes the light to "fill" up the tube slowly -- nice effect!
They sell their transformers through a distributer. The closest one is in OR:
Sunsupply -- 1-800-547-7414
Scripter: $34 [part #NPSD10S-12] Since it's 12V, you will also need a wall adapter: $9.95 [#WA1000]
They keep the wall adapters in-stock, but not the transformers, which will ship from FL.

Note: they sell European transformers too -- that take 240V/50Hz [USA is 110V/60Hz]

Amazing 1 -- transformer info
Amazing 1 -- Neon Transformers, Neon Power Supplies
Amazing Products makes the only "null-terminated" neon drivers.
These drivers allow you to hook up to only one electrode -- you can also [very carefully!] heat the tube up again until it collapses and seals it off, and pull off one electrode!
[This goes you *two* tubes that you can hook up to this driver!]
The "Neonizer" is the smaller one. They recommend NeonNX for most applications.

Information -- read ALL of these! They're great!

Neon Transformer Quick Reference
Neon Transformer Q & A
Neon, Transformers & Adapters - Ventex Products [*great* info!]
How Luminous Tubes Work
Bombarder I - what is it
Transformers Power Calculator - NEONITA
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For the [very?] adventurous!

Neon John's Web Page
Lots of pictures of making your own equipment. Little explanation, though. He's writing a book on how he built his whole setup for >$1500! *I* can't wait!!!

Neon John's bombarder article
Kinda like "how to build your own bombarder from common household items." This guy is *fabulous*! Even if you don't want to be that crazy, it's a great inspiration of the *possible*!

Here's a posting by someone who says he has some uranium glass. He might have some for sale. Also, here's what it looks like pumped with argon/mercury.


Here's some random fonts I found poking around on the net. Some are specifically for neon, some are for signs, and others are just cool. :)

Actually good neon fonts:

Decent sign fonts: -- note: Black Swan, Sign Gothic, Speedway

Just interesting fonts

Here's *all* my bookmarks for neon.
Some are good, others are not. Take what you like!


Ace Neon
The Neon Web - Neon Links Page
Amazing 1 -- trans info
Amazing 1 -- Neon Transformers, Neon Power Supplies
Tech 22, The Neon Power Company
Cheap GTO wire -- ordered 100'
Cheapt GTO -- their transformers
CPI Advanced Neon Power Supplies and Accessories
vinilos autoadhesivos
NuNeon Product 1
Beason Products Quotation
Equipment Set - NEONITA
Neon Excitement, Image Works, Custom Signs ... Anywhere, USA

Not useful...

Neon Power Pro - Neon Products that make sense
for sale -- Zack's Home Page
Vacuum pump services by United Vacuum Corp.
Capital Electric - Sign Products
Daco Neon Equipment - Welcome !

Info, FAQs

Neon John's bombarder article
Neon Transformer Quick Reference
Neon Transformer Q & A
Neon Training / Plant Set up
Lightwriters Glass Studio -- Neon classes
Neon - discussion, w/ Tech22 info
Neon John's Web Page
Sam's Laser FAQ - The Home-Built Laser Assembly and Power Supply
Interview with Larry Albright
Glossary - Search Company
News Archive
Fwd: NEON- X-RAY bombarder
Transformers Power Calculator - NEONITA
Bombarder I - what is it
Re: Bombarder xfmr
Processing Masonlite Electrodes - Procedure to use with the butyl U-gauge.
How Luminous Tubes Work
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