Kiki and Tombo admire a derigible
Burning Man

Burning Man has been the single most inspirational art event of my life.
I came back from Burning Man 1998 with project ideas coming out of my ears!
And those projects became even bigger than perhaps I could handle! :)
I don't think I would've ever been able to reach so far to the limit of my abilities.
Truly, an event which made me better, stronger and live life more fully!

It's about time I made a Burning Man page on my home page! :)
This page is my central location of info on the site about Burning Man
and links to webpages I find cool and/or interesting.


Burning Man and Christ

Probably the single most inspiring web page I've read.
(The original page has been taken down,
but the link above comes from the web archive.
I also saved the page for myself, so let me know if it's totally gone.)


Burning Ideas
This web spce houses all my projects -- art and business ideas.
There's a handful of projects there, but here's my biggest one:

The firefall is a water fountain on fire.
The water protects your hands, so you can hold the flames!

This is the single biggest project I have ever put together.
Scott and I still take it around to local parties and gatherings.

Helpful items

Personal list of items to bring
A check list for me for what not to forget -- updated as I think of stuff!

Scott's own list of items to bring
A different list -- check them all for ideas!

Cherry Pop's list of items to bring
Yet another list -- check them all for ideas!

el-wire was used to make the bicycle-horse at Burning Man 1998, the "playa fish" in 1999, and many other amazing pieces of artwork. 
It's a thin line of glowing wire, like minature neon.
My friend Joel Wylan sells this stuff.
[There's others who sell it too, but I buy from Joel. :) ]

This is our camp from 1999 to present.
We're a loosly associated group of awesome folks who build a camp every year together!

Burning Man links

Burning Man main page
The main Burning Man site.
Lots of info -- any and everything you need to know!

Arab clothing links! -- new for 2001!
Here's the results from researching to find some Arab clothing!
Desert people have the best clothing for the hot and dry!!

Note, some of the wedding dresses are absolutely stunning!!
Also, there's a lot of men's clothing info here too!

Playa Chicken page
A rubber chicken has a blank notepad tied to it,
then it is sent out into the masses for people to write what they want
and pass it along to whomever they want.

Ryon Gesink's F@#$% Machine
One of the coolest vehicles ever!

Are you afraid to go?

It seems a lot of people don't/won't go to Burning Man because they're
afraid of the extremes there.

Just remember that it's the extreme things about Burning Man that get publicized -- such is journalism...

I've compiled a list of links and/or essays about Burning Man to
help quell those fears.

Come on and join us this year!!!

Nudity at Burning Man
If you think everyone at burning Man is naked
-- or worse, that you have to be naked to go to Burning Man --
then please read his little informal experiment in the middle of the page.
Most people there are pretty "normal" folks.

Too many people
Not yet addressed...
But if you want to "get away from it all", there's no more empty place than the playa!
Also, even though I've camped on "Frontage" [the main street] the last couple years, I've always felt rather cozy and close to the folks I'm camped with.
I never felt "crowded".

Burning Man has gotten too big
Not yet addressed...
But my take on this argument is that it's like saying San Francisco has gotten
"too big" and there's nothing cool about it anymore...

This is balony!

1998 had more art and cool things than the year before.
1999 had more art still -- and more people
2000 monday was like wednesday the year before, and I believe there was
even more art "per capita" than any year I'd been before!

The art just gets better and better.
And the organization is doing things to focus on those comitted to
making Burning Man happen out there.
[eg. no ticket sales at the gate friday and saturday.]

It's only gonna get better and better!

Want to go, but can't get time off
Not yet addressed...
Ah, you've never gone, have you. :)
It's true. Burning Man becomes a priority in your life once you've gone.

Ask for time off well in advance -- 6 monhs plus is plenty of time for your job to work around it.
Don't go for the whole week
[Now, keep in mind that I have noticed across the board that
folks who arrive after wednesday tend not to "bond" relative to those who arrive earlier.
if you can take only a few days, come at the *beginning* of the week, not the end.
There's not *quite* as much art completed, but the *spirit* is far, far deeper,
and you'll come away far more inspired for the next year!]

Want to go, but want to do a project
Not yet addressed...
Don't try to do a project your first year.
Just GO, and get inspired!
Save it up for the next year!

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