Arabic, Islamic, Middle Eastern Clothing

I compiled this list primarily to find some beautiful desert clothing to wear at Burning Man.
I was astonished at the breath-taking beauty of these clothes!
And many are quite cheap!

Since I was doing this search for my brother's birthday
[Jeff, if you're reading this, expect a package!]
there's a lot of men's clothes here!

Note: I've not [yet!] bought anything from any of these places.
Buy at your own risk!!
[You can feel pretty helpless if an overseas company stops answering email...]

Quick and dirty -- if you're looking for beautiful clothes/robes at great prices, try these:
    Great selection and every thing is lovely!
    And the prices are great!  The men's dishdasha are mostly $19, then women's embroidered stuff is about $35
    slow, slow, slow to load and navigate!  [menus are too deep...]
    good men's selection [~$40]
    great accessories for men -- nice Kufis! I really like the metallic ones -- only $10!
    also long, long load time...
    good selection and good prices for men [$13-$19 -- few >$30, one custom], including some head gear
    [$45-$55] for women's -- nice colors! -- pictures are waaay too small, though.
    good selection, great prices! [$25-$35 for women's stuff!] small but nice selection of men's
    Note: no orders June 22th-August 10th, so order now!!
    Note also that they take a while to arrive...order early!
    Oh, please go to this page, just for the lovely graphics!
    Plus, I drool over that lovely first wedding dress!  Oh, oh, oh!
    Small selection.  [$35-$65 -- most $55]  A couple men's items.  [$27, $35] -- note, this is a link to their "Location" page, which is a lot more functional
    slow, slow, slow... This is their home page, nice, but not functional...
    Lovely stuff -- $30 for these Shalwar Kameez
    I wish the other listings had prices... [in particular, this one!]
Beautiful, but out of range!
    gorgeous, stunning!! $$$$!!! [>$1000! *cough, choke*]
    You gotta see these dresses, though!  WOW!
    only one men's item, 5 colors, simple Shalwar Kameez suits [long shirt with pants] $45
    breath-taking bridal dresses, BTW!!  [>$500 -- ouch!]  Wow!
The rest:
    Small selection, $35-$50 [most $45]
    Only one men's item -- but $23 for the top, and $10 for the pants
    Note: "khimars" are the head coverings, "niqaabs" are the face coverings
    see dresses, jilbabs [collaraed robes] etc.
    small selection, $30-$70 [most $50-$55]
    beautiful stuff!  $50-$85 typically, a nice two-piece men's suit for $40
    has care info, and also wearing info -- helpful!
    $45-$55 [few >$100]
    Clearly a "real" store -- photos off the rack
    Three men's items [$30, $50, $50]
    Small but nice selection [$35-$45] simple
    only two but pretty! [$53, $68]
    Not much at all, except a couple items [$50-$75, some ~$250 -- hand embroidered]
    but they have cool accessories, including daggers! and these way-cool shoes!!!
    took too long to load...
    men's clothing has no pics! looks like it's only kufi [skull caps]
    ~$65, nice colors
    go to Caftans for clothing
    $33-$55 or so, simple designs, nice embroidery
Crescent Imports & Publications
    small men's selection -- $30, $35, $48
    $30-$50 for women's
    nice head gear -- including the "typical Arab" Kifaya with the headband and scarf
    ~$75, nice stuff!  And you just gotta dig the domain name!
    nice, but simple dresses $55-$65
    American importers who visit Morocco [>$70]
    kinda simple and plain...
Other desert clothing: -- African clothing! $$$ [$100's]
A page with free, simple patterns:
And these lists of Islamic resources:
Why do many of these web pages start with "al"?  Not really sure, but I know that Malcom X became Malik Al-Shabazz when he left the Nation of Islam, and later gained the honorific "Al Hajj" when he made his hajj, which is a required pilgrimage to Makkah [aka Mecca.]

In researching that paragraph :) I came across Malik Shabazz's touching letter from Mecca:  It kinda reminds me of what Burning Man means to me. :)

Yuk [poor web design...]:
    This site is utterly under construction -- no photos!
    lots of graphics, no clothes pictures!?
    I just can't navigate this weird site... [~$75
    this is why I hate frames!