Permanent Absentee Voter!
Automatic paper trail for electronic voting

Are you worried about electronic voting?  Would you rather there be a paper trail for your vote?  Then register as an absentee!  Better yet, register as a permanent absentee!  Any registered voter in California can register as an absentee or permanent absentee voter .  Today, this is the best way to protect your vote.  Absentee ballots are also a nice way to vote in the comfort of your home, at your leisure, instead of having to vote in a booth with a line behind you.

You don't even have to worry about losing it in the mail -- you can simply drop off your absentee ballot at ANY poling place in your county on the day of the election.  You can also submit it to your Elections Office any day they are open before the election.  You can also mail it, but make sure you mail it in time to arrive before the polls close (regardless of the postmark.)  You can also call your Elections Office for information on your voting status -- to verify that you are registered absentee, permanent absentee, or if you are registered to vote at all.

Any registered voter can also register as a permanent absentee voter.  There is a check box and signature line on the Absentee Voter form.  Note that you must vote in every state-wide primary and general election to maintain your permanent absentee voter status.  If you don't, you will have to reapply.  Also, make sure you sign the back of the envelope of your absentee ballot or your vote will not be counted.  Note that your voter handbook comes with an absentee and permanent absentee application form on the back -- isn't that easy?

You can apply for absentee and permanent absentee anytime up to the 7th day before the election (that's October 26th).  But why not just do it now?

Here's some links to make it easy:

If you're not registered, you can download the voter registration form here [English or Spanish]:

Absentee voting info and forms here:

Permanent absentee info here:

Guide to Absentee Voting:

Where your Elections Office is for your county:

Take care of this now, before you have to worry about it!

Kiki -- why wait for them to figure out their worrysome electronic voting system?