I've had some requests for more info.

IMHO, this movie has a weak plot, but *amazing* art design. If you have no idea what's going on, you won't be alone!! :) But it's worth it for the amazing animation, wonderful use of color, breath-taking fight scenes, and a diverse group of characters [though none are very well developed. :( ]

The movie is based on a long running [22 issues?] manga [comicbook], and it's kinda expected that you've already read it. [Ghost In The Shell is another manga-based anime that leaves a lot unsaid.]

This is on of my favorite movies, despite it's glaring drawbacks! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Web page info:

I think this is the best description w/o giving away too much of the plot:

Has a handful of info on the studio and aspects of the manga and movie:

Only a little bit of spoilers, well worth reading before you see this movie:

A handful of links, and a bit of some spoliers in the description:

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How: Japanese-only, and I will read an english script aloud
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